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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

~~ Lao Tzu


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Don't Bury Your Why in the Cemetery

While reading Don’t Bury Your Why in the Cemetery, forget about seeking your dream, passion, or purpose.  Instead, get radical… get real… get deep about defining your WHY. 

Then, don’t bury it in the cemetery.

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We spend time, money, and other resources seeking our dream, our passion, our purpose.  The author takes you to a deeper place to help you define your WHY, and then offers a simple blueprint to help you achieve it.  You were put on this earth to thrive and she offers tips, tools, and fear-busting facts to motivate you to wake up loving life!

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From Grief to Gratitude


Dora Carpenter is interviewed by Dr. Robert C. Wright and Christine Wright of StressFreeNow.info. 

If you are in the Washington, D.C. area, attend a grief event to learn tools and tips for coping with grief and loss.  Events are free and open to the public.  More information here.

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Wake Up Loving Life

Did you wake up this morning loving life?  If no, why not?  Enjoy this webinar as Dora Carpenter challenges you to explore five roadblocks that might keep you from pursuing and achieving your desired results.

  • Who were you uniquely created to be?
  • Who were you created to help?
  • What legacy will you leave?

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