If you didn't wake up loving life, why not?


When you have a personal coach who is being paid to see you and your potential in a way that you may not even see or believe yourself, it’s more than just the cost, the time, and the wo

rk.  It’s an investment in your life… an investment that has no price tag. 

  How did you wake up this morning? 

From Grief to Gratitude Day

"Coping with Holiday Grief"

Washington, D.C.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Why do we grieve anyway ...  We grieve because we loved.

No matter what the cause of death, it is still always unexpected and every day following the death can be a challenge.  You may feel as though you are lost in the wilderness - winding roads, crooked paths, wrong turns, dead ends, seemingly no way out.  There is no specific road map or time frame to follow; however, unless action steps are taken, unresolved grief can have a devastating impact on many areas of your life.  Statistics say that it takes on average five to eight years to recover from a devastating loss.  Dora Carpenter says that with the proper information, tools, and support, it doesn't have to take that long.  You can get to the exit path of this wilderness, but you must take action. 

From Grief to Gratitude Announces Grief Coaching Services and Grief Coach Certification Program
Reputed and acclaimed grief coach, and founder of From Grief to Gratitude, Dora Carpenter has announced that their website is now offering Grief Coaching Services and a Grief Coach Certification Program to individuals and organizations. When they get the right coaching to provide grief support, they can help individuals affected by bereavement in the family.  Read more ...

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Why From Grief to Gratitude?

We are taught CPR, first aid, the 911 call system, emergency evacuation procedures, fire and safety precautions… all great and necessary information for events that may or may not happen.  Unfortunately, we are NOT taught how to handle the inevitable… death and grief.  Millions are affected by loss and grief each year and Dora Carpenter, Certified Grief Coach and Founder, From Grief to Gratitude™, says that we must do more to educate on this sensitive and neglected topic.  She says, “Simply knowing the common myths and how to avoid the pitfalls of grief can significantly reduce the anxiety, stress, and overwhelm individuals face when suffering from the loss of loved ones.” 

Working in the death care industry and assisting hundreds of families with making final arrangements for loved ones birthed her passion for helping individuals navigate the wilderness of grief.  While one is in task mode immediately following a death, the reality of the death actually sets in after the services are over, family and friends have returned to their daily lives, the doorbell and telephone rings have ceased, and the house is quiet.  The depth of loss and the broken heart is experienced in that moment that one reaches out to talk, touch, or telephone a loved one and they are no longer there.  These emotions, although natural and normal, can be painful and seemingly unbearable; and, while others try to help, they sometimes say all the wrong things, such as "I understand how you feel."  Referred to by a client as “the angel of comfort,” Dora Carpenter provides a calming, empathetic approach in her powerfully effective grief coaching process. 

Listening to countless stories of hopes and dreams never realized, she feels that she has buried as many unfulfilled wishes in the cemetery as bodies and cremated remains and addresses this in her coaching program. Going beyond partnering with clients from grief to gratitude, she empowers her clients to live out their potential in the now.  Hence, her mantra, "Everything in life is temporary, including life itself.  Decide to say Yes! to the gift of now.” 

Learn more about the From Grief to Gratitude Coaching Program here.