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If you didn't wake up this morning loving life, why not?  Too many hopes and dreams are being buried in the cemetery.  Your life counts. Your life matters. Life is here. It is now. It is waiting for you. 

My mantra: Everything in life is temporary, including life itself. Decide to say Yes! to the gift of now.

If you didn't wake up this morning loving life, why not? Too many hopes and dreams are being buried in the cemetery.

Your life counts. Your life matters. Life is here. It is now. It is waiting for you.

My mantra: Everything in life is temporary, including life itself. Decide to say Yes! to the gift of now.

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Did you wake up this morning loving life?  Did you wake up this morning loving yourself?  Did you wake up this morning loving and appreciating all the joy, abundance, and happiness life offers?

After working in the death care industry for  many years assisting hundreds of families with making final arrangements, and hearing countless stories of unfulfilled hopes and dreams being buried in the cemetery, I knew that I had to do more.  How can there be more cherished memories at the end of life and less guilt and regret?  How can individuals be inspired and encouraged to find happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction in the precious gift of now?  These questions birthed my passion for helping individuals move beyond life's challenges, grief, and fear. 

My mantra:  Everything in life is temporary, including life itself.  Decide to say Yes! to the gift of now.  Life is precious, yet so fragile.  It is here.  It is now.  It is waiting for you.  I hope that you find something here that resonates with you, touches the deepest part of your heart and soul, and encourages you to smile, find love and gratitude in it all, and never give up.

Dora Carpenter

Certified Professional Coach

Founder, From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program

Licensed Feel the Fear® Trainer

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Dora Carpenter offers her one-on-one premium coaching package to a limited number of clients who are serious about achieving desired results and are willing to commit to themselves and agree to be held accountable.  Using her 40 plus years of experience and wisdom, she empowers them to say Yes! to whatever has been given to them and make the most of their best as they work through life transitions, grief, and fear.  If you are interested in a high-intensity coaching relationship with Dora, schedule a complimentary chat with her to see if her mentoring coaching style is a good fit for you.  Dora Carpenter does not offer professional counseling or therapy.  Schedule your chat here.

THE WISDOM VAULT.  Dora Carpenter has compiled some of her programs, workshops, and presentations and made them available to you in an online self-coaching format.  Content varies per package and may include video, audio, webinar, workbook and/or presentation recordings.  These are self-coaching packages and do not include interaction and/or responses from your coach (unless specified in the package).  See available programs here.



FROM GRIEF TO GRATITUDE COACH CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.  Enrich the lives of others as well as your own life by becoming a From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coach.  Millions suffer the loss of loved ones each year and the painful emotions of loss can seem unbearable.  Work through any personal unresolved grief in order to become fully present to your clients.  Learn to take your clients from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and from grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible.  More information here.

FEEL THE FEAR TRAINING.  Based on the work of the late Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. and her best-selling classic, Feel the Fear … and Do It Anyway, Dora Carpenter provides workshops and one-on-one coaching to help individuals overcome fears that are sabotaging their desired success.  Find out more about Feel the Fear® training here and watch for any upcoming workshops.



If you are interested in inviting Dora Carpenter to speak to your organization or group, reach out to her here for more information.



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What Others Are Saying . . .

Dora Carpenter has been recognized by the National Association of Distinguished Professionals and featured in Women of Distinction Magazine.   She has appeared in various media outlets.

"I am pleased to share how impactful the two sessions on grief conducted by Dora Carpenter were. Our class was held inside of the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women.  The participants were grieving various losses, from children to parents, etc.  We were all tremendously blessed and encouraged by the insight and wisdom we received from Ms. Carpenter.  She not only encouraged us to move forth, but she also challenged us to live our lives to the fullest, while providing practical steps we could take to do so.  I highly recommend this for anyone who is in the grieving process, as well as anyone who wants to help someone who is.  In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to discover her counsel also included ways to make preparation for that day when we all must face dealing with the death of a loved one."

"Dora, No words can express how much this 'Decide To Say Yes!' Boot Camp changed my life.  The tools and techniques have been life changing and the relationships that I've made will be forever.  You are a God send!  I appreciate all that you have done.  I have decided to say YES!" 

One client has labeled Dora "The Angel of Comfort."

"Yes, we have to have you on for another podcast! You are actually an authority on grief whether you know it or not. I'd like to focus on the helpful things a person can say to someone who is grieving and the supportive actions family and friends can use to support a grieving individual. Dora, it's not just that you know what you're talking about - it's clear that you've walked your talk AND are embodying. That doesn't mean that any of this stuff is easy - exactly the opposite, for that appears to be the definition of mastery: you've put in the blood, sweat, and tears and now from the "outside" it all looks like it's a breeze :)"

"The day was transformational!  I see a path forward through a challenging situation.  Dora is an engaging, inspiring coach.  The exercises in the workshop were extremely helpful." 

"I enjoyed every aspect of the workshop.  I received much more than I anticipated and look forward to future workshops that provide me the opportunity for personal growth as well as to reach out to share and encourage others."

"I marked off my bucket list living on the beach in Florida (even if it was only 4 ½ months… lol), seeing Cali and Florida Keys, becoming a Victim Advocate for Domestic Violence, and writing on my book.  I met Dora in February; she changed my life, and believed in me… I am so blessed to have experienced what I have so far.  2015 will be the best ever… I’m reaching higher than ever… Thank you God.  Life is so GOOD!!"

"Terrific workshop and hugely rewarding.  I would recommend this to everyone!  Dora brings wisdom and deep compassion to the course and helps each attendee push through the wall of fear." 

“My coaching experience was absolutely wonderful.  It was the best week of my life because my coach tailored my instructions to fit me which encouraged me to see them in a different light and most importantly my coach listened to me."   

"Dora, I have to tell you I think of you and your programs often -- It's a stellar program and you have such a great way of conveying the information." 

The authors have done a wonderful public service by releasing this holiday grief coping book right before the holiday season. The book is a touching testament to their levels of expertise since they have been able to elegantly and simply discuss the difficult topic of death, dying and grieving. A particularly helpful section is their discussion of the need to speak to your children about the death of a closed loved one. This is an all too often overlooked aspect of the grieving process that unfortunately leaves many people scarred as adults since deaths of close loved ones which occurred during their childhood, were never fully discussed within the family context or were discussed in hushed tones with subtle nuances unintelligible to a young child. This can often lead to hidden levels of Existential grief; the source of which-years later-may be hard to identify, deal with, and resolve.

"Very informative and highly energetic!  Dora and Christina both are such wonderful people.  A blessing for so many people.  They have both done so much for me to progress forward in life.  I love you both.  Keep moving forward and keep shining that bright light." 

"Thank you for your heartfelt presentation of Susan's Work.  You are an amazing presenter.  I want you as my coach (and life-long friend). "